What is Skin Cancer? | Ai Powered Skin Cancer Detection

The biggest organ on our body is the skin and it’s also our first line of defense from bacteria and viruses. Our skin also keeps all of the other vital organs in place without constant adjustment. The skin does a lot for us, but, at times, it can be attacked without a recovery in sight. This attack is sometimes preventable, but not everyone can resist skin cancer.

What is Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, with many people surviving it every year. It’s just a matter of finding it in time and stopping it from growing. In order to stop skin cancer, you have to first know exactly what it is and what the signs are. Well, skin cancer is formed when an excess amount of malignant/cancer cells form under the skin, creating a lump, rash or even a freckle on the area.

The lump is usually a tumor, a stockpile of cancer cells, which can usually be spliced from the body. This can stop cancer from spreading, but, other times, cancer can survive. Preventing this from happening in the first place should be your priority. Knowing the steps to prevent this is a must, but finding the exact cause of skin cancer has eluded scientists for decades. One thing we do know is that the sun has something to do with the growth of skin cancer.

The Sun

Overexposure to the sun can leave you with a new glow, however, this overexposure also increases your chances of acquiring forms of skin cancer. To be specific, it’s the invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays the sun exudes, darkening and damaging your body. Specifically, the ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet C rays the sun transfers to us.

UVA rays are the most prominent on Earth because it is able to reach deep into the skin, connective tissue and even the DNA of humans. UVB rays aren’t as powerful as UVA rays and they give you vitamin D, although, they can still burn your skin. UVC rays are the last and most dangerous. Thankfully, they don’t go past the ozone layer, which means you’re safe from them.


Tanning outside in the nice, warm sun might sound tempting but doing it might lead to cancerous situations. Using sunscreen while outside is the recommended way of traveling around when you go outside, especially if you have pale or fair skin. Your body is your mind’s ambassador, make sure it can work flawlessly.





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